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Books Edited

Fr. Joseph Sica – Make Room For Life - Lent 2008


Fr. Joseph Sica – A Time For Mending – Lent 2007


Fr. Joseph Sica – Tidings of Comfort and Joy – Advent – 2006 – Gospel Reflections & Prayers


Kenrico Corporation–Detox While You Sleep–Natural Healing for Your Body and Sole


Yvonne Perry – More Than Meets The Eye – True Stories of Death, Dying and the Afterlife


Rev Cherise Thorn – Blessings of Liberation – A Path to Cleansing


Angela Grett – My Mother’s Bi-Polar – So What Am I?


Patricia Martin - Divine Intervention



Do you have an inspirational book to share with the world?  As a radio talk show host for over 6 years, my mission is healing, self-help and empowerment.   I'm also excellent at interviewing and asking the right questions.  It takes a good listener to help you open your soul and bring up those feelings and that story  that may be deeply buried inside.  A skilled interviewer is good at this and also getting your story into a format that is well-constructed, easy to read and compelling.  You can trust me with your very special project.  We'll spend time making it the best work ever as the chapters come together and the story unfolds.



As an award winning toastmaster, stand-up comedienne and professional speaker, I know how important it is to connect with your audience on a heart-to-heart level.  I am able to analyze and reconstruct your presentation for maximum effectiveness and add humor in just the right places to make your speech more enjoyable.







Provide the concept, and I will do the research to create an article that is interesting, entertaining and compelling.  I've been published in the following magazines and publications:

Health & Wellness Magazine

EarthSave Nashville Newsletter

Franklin Review Appeal Newspaper

Nashville Tennessean “Eye” Column

Nashville Panaroma Magazine

Atlanta Singles Magazine

Nashville Bar Journal

The Nashville Scene

Religious Science of Nashville Newsletter 



Newspaper Columnist

Guest columnist for The Review Appeal Newspaper in Franklin, TN, I have over 50 published columns in my portfolio and specialize in columns that are suitable for newspaper or website publication.  I'm an excellent researcher, can get to the heart of the matter, and can churn out an interesting article on your topic or genre.




Book Endorsements

I have been asked by more than one author to write a descriptive quote on the back cover of their book and they have been very happy with the results.  If you have a book in progress and would like to have me read a galley (pre-production) copy of your book, I will write a book review to use in your media kit or on your website.  I would also be happy to give a quote for the cover of your book.


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